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Finding time to write – it’s a trap!

Just lately, I’ve come across a whole bunch of advertisements and articles that aim to help me ‘find the time’ to write. I’ve checked some of these out in the past. They usually involve specifically scheduling writing time in my diary. Creating a writing ‘habit’. Committing to a certain number of words per day.

These things are all great tools, and definitely can help with motivation on writing projects… as long as my Muse is playing fair. But when I’m caught in a crippling bout of Writer’s Self Denial, diaries are easily ignored. On days when I feel like everything I write is crapola, habits fall by the wayside and the best intentions to be fabulous and write the famed 1000-a-day disappear into thin air.

That’s why I think courses and articles on finding the time to write aren’t going to help me. Because by reading them, or channeling my time and energy into them with the hope that they will give me the kick in the pants I need…

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Snippet: Star Struck

Walking to the lift was too liberating for me to class it as running away. I didn’t know that I was heading into a trap until the doors closed behind us. We were alone, with only the hum of the fluroescents overhead and the tick of the floor-counter to break the silence.

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Only happy when it rains

With winter properly in motion, my brain feels better adjusted. There’s just something about the chill in the air, the rustle of leaves on my driveway, and the warmth of my coffee that makes me feel more secure. I know a lot of people get ‘winter blues’. But this is my equilibrium. My optimum environment.

I feel like my old self again.

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Author Alert

Cool Kid: Anthony Ferguson

The first book that Perth-based author Anthony Paul Ferguson wrote was on Australian serial killers; a topic which has lead us into an interesting chat about what makes serial killers so interesting as fodder for fiction. He is a judge of renowned taste, having JUDGED the AHWA awards 2015 and the Australian Shadows 2016. With an arsenal of short stories under his belt across Australia, the UK, and the US, Anthony’s expertise in the horror genre makes him the perfect candidate to present his thoughts on how serial killers translate into the genre of horror fiction.

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